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Feb 8 10

A Wave Gadget + Robot using GWT 2.0 and Google App Engine, Part 1

by Jonas Huckestein

I finally got around to playing with Google Wave (wave me: and decided to build my own extension. Things got somewhat complex, so I made this into a multi-part tutorial. We are going to develop a gadget for Google Wave (in case you don’t have an invite yet, drop me a line) using Google Web Toolkit and wire it up to a robot that lives on the App Engine cloud.

In this part, we are going to develop a simple collaborative gadget that lives on a wave. You should be familiar with Google Wave and have some experience in developing applications using Google Web Toolkit.

  • Click here to download the entire Eclipse project including all source code and required libraries
  • Add the following URL as a gadget to a Google wave to see the gadget in action:
  • If you’re on the wave sandbox, click here to join a public test wave

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Feb 5 10

An Editable Label for GWT with UiBinder and EventHandlers

by Jonas Huckestein

I just learned how to make custom widgets EventHandler-aware so that you can add EventHandlers to them. It turned out to be a little tricky so I thought I’d share that :) To make it more interesting, I’ll also make use of UiBinder and develop a particularly useful widget. The EditableLabel widget. It consists of a label, that becomes editable when clicked and can have attached ValueChangeHandlers (which a Label usually doesn’t have). For this tutorial I used GWT 2.0.

Click here to see a demo of the EditableLabel widget and hit the jump for the code.
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Feb 4 10

Business Idea: Picture-Taking-Machines for Sights and Landmarks

by Jonas Huckestein

This is the second installment of the business idea of the week. I was actually going to write about a much more promising idea, but that’s gonna take another week :)

Since my arrival in the US half a month ago I have traveled a lot and have seen a lot of sights. I wanted to get a picture from all these sites that included me and whoever I was traveling with, so we spent at least half an hour every time trying to find the ideal place and conditions to take that photo. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple machine standing around America’s sights which takes two quarters and your picture? It would be connected to the internet so you could upload the pictures to social media in real-time and make your friends at home feel miserable.

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Jan 26 10

First Business Idea of the Week: The Social Media Alarm Clock

by Jonas Huckestein

Starting today, I will publish one business idea a week for anyone to take. I am never going to get around to implementing all the ideas my friends and I came up with at some point and might just as well put them here :) Feel free to comment, discuss and implementthe stuff. Needless to say, I’d be more than happy to help.

Most people hate getting up in the morning and apparently (apparent from my fb feed) many people like sharing stuff they don’t like with their friends. Thus, I present the concept of the social media alarm clock.

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